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Say YES to life!

We are living in changing and challenging times and this can bring fear and confusion, as well as many other unhelpful, or negative, emotions, such as anger, resentment and overwhelm. Do we allow what is going on in our world to bring us down or do we use it as an invitation to look at our reactions and to see life experiences in a different, more positive way?

We have a choice!

When we see life as working for us rather than against us, when we stop resisting the 'isness' of life and let go of our need to control, life can get a whole lot easier. We may not always like or understand situations we find ourselves in but we can decide how we wish to respond to them. Life is constantly showing us where we need to heal, giving us opportunities to learn and grow. As we let go of our fears, limiting beliefs and judgements and many other negative emotions and patterns, we feel more relaxed and at peace.

Our reactions and emotions are ultimately our signposts to more peace and joy. We all carry deep wounds that are locked in our subconscious so that we are not aware of them. They arise from shocks and memories, in this life and past lives, subtle impressions and society conditioning. They play out in our everyday thoughts, reactions and actions. Whether we are struggling with a specific problem in our lives, with relationships or in making a decision, whether we are feeling stuck in life or are just fearful and anxious, we can look more deeply at why we react as we do to see what is being shown to us.

I do not offer specific therapy. I spend time with people who are focused on their personal inner journey and who feel drawn to connect with me. I offer support to help people understand and move through life experiences and challenges. I listen from the heart and share my intuitive insights and guidance. From my personal journey and understanding of the bigger picture I help people to release mental, emotional and spiritual blocks that can keep us stuck or in suffering.

I am based in Milton Keynes and sessions are in person sitting indoors, or outdoors in good weather. I also offer to walk and talk where that is preferable and to chat by phone or online. Please contact me if you would like to know more or to arrange a time.

With love, Nikki xx

Contact: Nikki - 07972 257004 - nikki@heartfeltwisdom.co.uk

My Inner Journey

From where I am today I can see how my entire life has been one big healing journey, a series of experiences that continue to lead me to self-discovery and growth. This healing journey has been challenging at times but joyful too and very rewarding. I now understand myself much better and see life in a much broader context. As I continue to learn and grow from what life presents to me I feel guided to support others on their journey.

Some years ago, various health issues led me to explore and then use, study and practice nutritional therapy. This introduced me to the life force, or vital force, and an appreciation of the underlying energy of all of life, including the interconnectedness of our physical body, thoughts, emotions and soul. Nutrition and lifestyle measures only helped me so far and so I turned to homeopathy and more recently bioenergetics. I have also practiced meditation and studied various ways to release physical and emotional energy blocks in the body, and these tools have given me and others I have worked with some great insights and benefit. But I still felt that I was on an endless search for something more, something that was missing, for deeper meaning and connection in life.

In 2012 I felt drawn to visit a healing retreat in the Cotswolds where I quickly started the process of putting this life into perspective. It took me on an amazing inward journey of self-discovery and healing at the deepest level. I felt driven to keep going, to identify and release all the pain stored deep within me, much of which I had not been conscious of because it lay in previous lives. There is a moment where our individual life began and when we heal from that moment we can heal ourselves completely.

I started to notice changes in my life, in my interactions with people, in the situations I attracted, in my feelings and reactions to outside circumstances and in my health. I noticed more and more synchronicities and started to trust my developing intuition and inner wisdom. As I continue this journey I accept with gratitude what life brings to me and feel love and peace growing within.

Since 2017 I have spent time helping at the healing retreat, chatting with guests, helping them to better understand their situations and journey, and helping them to identify and let go of blocked emotional energy. I also run a monthly gathering in Milton Keynes for people to share their experiences with other likeminded people. This has shown that by sharing our experiences and listening to others from the heart, we can help each other, especially when we let go of judgement and just say it as it is!

I now share my experience, intuitive insights and guidance more widely to those who feel drawn to connect with me. Facing our inner fears and blocks takes courage and I feel blessed to help and support those who wish to do so.

Contact: Nikki - 07972 257004 - nikki@heartfeltwisdom.co.uk

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If you are willing to do the inner work to understand yourself and life better, a little support can make all the difference. I hold the space for you without judgement and in total confidence, so that you can be yourself and speak from your heart. I can share my experience and any insights and guidance that come to me.

For more information or to book a session, please call, text or email:

T: 07972 257004 
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